You were in class, a boring meeting at work, or just sitting on the couch and all of a sudden…

have a great startup idea? lightbulb!

yep, you’ve figured it all out 

And pretty soon, you start thinking…

matchist money maker - Kenny Powers









So you start telling everyone! Until some asshole well-meaning friend asks how you will build it and you realize that your plan of action is essentially –

Reddit Faulty Business Plan Meme: Step 1. Step 2.??? Step 3. Profit!

Step 1: use meme Step 2: ??? Step 3: Profit!

So you start thinking – I need a technical co-founder!

Finding a Good Technical Co-Founder isn’t Easy. Finding a Great One is Nearly Impossible

There are a couple good resources for finding a technical co-founder – including CoFoundersLab, LinkedIn, and of course, local tech meet-ups.

  • But in all of this, here’s what most people miss –  The better a developer is, the more competing opportunities they will have.
  • For a great technical developer, it often means sacrificing a full-time job and/or a lucrative freelance career to invest in you.
  • Some of the best developers I know only jump into full-time startup work AFTER an MVP has been created and/or funding has been found.

What about Coding it Myself?

Your other option is to try and learn code yourself. For some – this can work. But for the vast majority of folks, you’ll find yourself spending an inordinate amount of time on building a shitty, non-functional product rather than truly testing your idea.

So What Do I Do?

For some, building a wireframe in Balsamiq and slapping a voice overview on top is enough. In this guy’s humble opinion, you won’t get far unless you prove to a potential technical co-founder (and yourself) that you’re serious - build an MVP to show your business is worth joining. 

If you’re serious about making your vision a reality, try matchist.

  • makes it easy to find a high-quality freelance developer who can build out your MVP.
  • You can then use that MVP to get funding and/or attract a serious Technical Co-Founder.